by TEK TEK ensemble

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released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


TEK TEK ensemble Melbourne, Australia

TEK TEK ensemble is a festive anthropological mini-orchestra consisting of three guys and three girls playing trumpet, trombone, violins, percussion, guitars, double bass, piano accordion, and the human voice. TEK TEK ensemble experiments and creates new compositions with inspiration from exotic and festive music from across the globe. ... more

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Track Name: Kisi Ki Jaan Lete Hain
Kisi per jaan dete hai kisi ki jaan lete hain. Kisi per jaan dete hai kisi ki jaan lete hai. Vahi karte hai dil wali jo dil me than lete hai. Shamab lo ja jaan jaan jaan. Mushkil hai yaaro jaan bachana. Bach ke humari najro se jana.
•••Some give life, some take lives but we only do what we decide in our hearts. Take care of your life, it’s difficult to save your life, and it’s hard to stay away from our vigilant watch. Who is the culprit of these antics of the heart? How can we tell!? Who knows who will live? Who knows this fact, my dear?.
Track Name: Diamonds in the Beat
Say what you want to, you know you’re gonna lose. We got the stylin’s nobody can refuse. We’re gonna scintillate the party lights- it’s dynamite! We know what they’re saying, we hear it on the street. We’re penetrating the diamonds in the beat. We’re gonna scintillate the party lights- electro lights!
Track Name: Bangkok Cha Cha
Sway the sound in the soda soda. Hitch a ride on a lonely tropical hurricane, and you’re talking to the sharks again. Drop the rain from the gold pagoda. Draw a line to the time you saw your mind fly away to the shadows with the manta ray. There will come a time- a time illuminate- illuminating all the darkness of the sea. There will come a time and there will come a place and there will come a time.
Track Name: Armagnac
You’ve got the toasty amarillo of an armagnac. You’ve got vanilla in the middle of your mouth. You’ve got the Incan incantations of a llama’s lamentation. You’ve got the ancient hieroglyphic aphrodisiac. You’ve got the poison in the middle of your mouth. You’ve got the sweet deliberation of a seventh incarnation. k-i-s-s-i-n-g, Singapore in 1983. f-u-c-k-i-n-g slow. You are the diamond debutante. You are the wedding celebrant. You’ve got the honey that I want in the middle of your mouth. So forgive the insinuation of my purring palpatations.
Track Name: Untitled Desert Tremolo Experiment
Shall the incarnation of the incarnation; Calling, calling; Shimmering in heaven; Shimmer night.
Track Name: La Volcana Caliente
Yo soy un gran volcán y mi calor hace que los cielos resplandecer por la noche. Ahora, miramé, lava caliente fluye de mi boca calor, de mi boca. Y sí me jodas aquí voy a temblar toda la tierra, tierra, toda tierra.••• I am a great volcano and my heat makes the heavens glow through the night. Look at me now, warm lava is flowing from my hot mouth. And if you mess with me, I’m going to make all of the earth shake.