Terror in the Jungle

by TEK TEK ensemble

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    TERROR IN THE JUNGLE features mainly original with some unusual covers from Indonesia, Haiti and Colombia.
    All sorts of styles are on this album including doo wop, gaita, dangdut, calypso, surf, vodou, jazz, mariachi, swahili benga and klezmer.

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released April 7, 2014



all rights reserved


TEK TEK ensemble Melbourne, Australia

TEK TEK ensemble is a festive anthropological mini-orchestra consisting of three guys and three girls playing trumpet, trombone, violins, percussion, guitars, double bass, piano accordion, and the human voice. TEK TEK ensemble experiments and creates new compositions with inspiration from exotic and festive music from across the globe. ... more

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Track Name: The Promised Land
As I encounter the dark I feel the fear set in. This is the way it must begin. I close my eyes as the stars fall slowly from my skin. A shadow drops in velveteen. and though the luminescent lights are something I would never dream of, I drift my eyes toward the place as it irradiates my face with its perfume. I feel the heart of the drum pulsating through my skin, floating around the black ravine. My mind refracts in a splash of yellow, blue and green. This is the way it’s always been. and though the incandescent lights are something I could never dream of. I drift my eyes and turn my palms toward the light as it anoints me with perfume.
Track Name: Arroz con Coco
§Arroz con Coco§ Arroz con coco. Alla en la costa me vuelve loco. Yo quiero un poco, este llenito y no este roto •• Rice and coconut. Down on the coast, it drives me crazy. I want a little bit that’s full and isn’t broken.
Track Name: Kereta Malam
§Kereta Malam§ Pernah sekali aku pergi dari Jakarta ke Surabaya. Untuk menengok nenek disana mengendarai kereta malam. Cuk kicak kicuk kicak kicuk. Kereta berangkat. Cuk kicak kicuk kicak kicuk. Hatiku gembira. Kebetulan malam itu cuacanya terang bulan. Ku melihat kiri kanan oh indahnya pemandangan. Sayang ‘tak lama kantuk ku datang, hingga tertidur nyenyak sekali. Wahai ketika aku terbangun rupanya hari pun sudah pagi. Hingga tiada aku sadari aku telah tiba di Surabaya •• Once I went from Jakarta to Surabaya to visit my grandmother there, riding the night train. Cuk kicak kicuk kicak kicuk. The train leaves. Cuk kicak kicuk kicak kicuk. My heart rejoices. That night, there was a bright moon. Oh, I saw beautiful scenery left and right. I shortly fell into a lovely drowsiness and slept soundly all at once. Oh! When I woke up, apparently the day was already morning. Suddenly I realized that, already, I had arrived in Surabaya.
Track Name: Terror in the Jungle
§Terror in the Jungle§ What go on when de moon come out? Nutty what I can tell. Why it come when de sun go out? Nutty what I can tell. Who go round when de blind go down? Nutty what you can hear. Who dem creature that bite dem sound? Nutty what you can hear.
Track Name: Azouke Legba
§Azouke Legba§ Azouke, Parenn Legba ye. Azouke, Parenn Legba ye. Parenn Legba, lajan kase wòch O Azouke Parenn Legba ye •• Azouke, Godfather Legba Ye. Godfather Legba, moneycuts through rock. Azouke, Godfather Legba Ye§
Track Name: The Boston Masher
§The Boston Masher§ At the age of twenty days I could walk upright and float into the sky. At the age of twenty months I commanded all the creatures that could fly. At the age of twenty years I could sing the note that made the devil devil cry. As a ghost for twenty days I became the trombone’s sad and lonely sigh.
Track Name: La Cantada de Cesárea Tinajero
§La Cantada de Cesárea Tinajero§ !¿Ay puede, puede hacer a su vez el cielo negro?¡ Cierra tus ojitos y tres pasos hacia atrás. el calamar está nadando debajo de las olas. Palmadas y el cielo en silencio se derumbara •• Oh can you!? Can you make the sky turn to black? Close your little eyes and take three steps backwards. The squid is swimming beneath the waves. Clap your hands and the sky will collapse in silence.
Track Name: Canción Mixteca
§Canción Mixteca§ Que lejos estoy del suelo donde he nacido. Inmensa nostalgia invade mi pensamiento. Y al ver me tan solo y triste qual hoja al viento, quisiera llorar, quisiera morir de sentimiento. Oh tierra del sol!, suspiro por verte ahora que lejos yo vivo sin luz, sin amor. Y al ver me tan solo y triste qual hoja al viento, quisiera llorar, quisiera morir de sentimiento. •• How far I am from the land where I was born! Immense nostalgia invades my thoughts. And seeing myself, so lonely and sad like a leaf in the wind, I want to cry, I want to die from this feeling. Oh Land of the Sun! I yearn to see you! Now that I'm so far from you, I live without light, without love. And seeing myself, so lonely and sad like a leaf in the wind, I want to cry. I want to die from this feeling.
Track Name: Simba Nzuri
§Simba Nzuri§ Mimi si kulungu kasi. Nini niwe? Mimi si simba nzuri. Eh! Kwa nini? Mimi si nyati nguvu. Nini niwe? Mimi si fisi busara. nawaambia! Kulala kipanya katika kitanda. diama kulala katika kitanda. •• I'm not a fast deer. Why should I be? I'm not pretty lion. Eh! Why not? I’m not a strong buffalo. Why should I be? I am not a wise hyena. I say why. I'm a mouse sleeping in bed. Always sleeping in bed.